from incorporation to exit, no matter is too big or too small

we love business and are passionate about helping our clients succeed

Business Contracts & Transactions - We handle contracts and transactions for any type of business at any size and stage (from pre-formation startups to mature companies looking to exit), and represent companies across a variety of industries, including Media & Entertainment, Emerging Technology, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Finance, Fashion, Fitness, and Telecom

Business Formation & Dissolution - If you are a startup we can help you decide what entity structure is best for you and help you incorporate a structure to allow you to best achieve your goals - LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, partnership or another type of entity.  We believe a good business lawyer is an important asset for all startup companies who all too often fall into the "do-it-yourself legal trap" and end up spending more in legal fees to get themselves out. Having a good business lawyer on board from the start will help your company establish the best legal foundation possible and will save you time and money in the long run. 

Startups & Small Businesses - We love working with small businesses and startups and we pride ourselves in working side by side with our clients on flexible terms (see Flexible and Alternative Fee Arrangements below) to determine the best and most practical means to reach their goals.

Securities Offerings, Equity & Debt Financings, Venture Capital - We are experts in securities law with experience in all different stages of financing, from early seed rounds to venture capital financings and private equity investments. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients close a big round of financing to get them one step closer to realizing their vision. 

Outside General Counsel - We serve many of our clients as outside general counsel and quarterback whatever your business needs, including connecting you with our network of investors, developers, creatives, bankers, consultants, trusted accountants, tax advisors and other business professionals. Whatever it is your company may need, we can help point you in the best direction and connect you with a trusted resource. 

Trademark, Copyright & Intellectual Property - Most of our clients have intellectual property that is integral to their business. We are experts in copyright and trademark matters (and work closely with patent attorneys) and are able to ensure that your valuable IP is protected from infringement by third parties. 

Mergers & Acquisitions - We handle both large and small mergers, acquisitions and divestments. If you are buying or selling all or part of a business, we can help you navigate the complex legal and tax issues and close transactions efficiently without over-lawyering. Our use of technology and network of experienced attorneys allows us to close complex transactions at a fraction of the cost of large firms and we pass that value directly to our clients.

Real Estate Transactions - No matter what kind of real estate expertise a client may need, or the type of transaction involved, we have the expertise and ability to bring a value-add approach to our clients needs in order to achieve optimal results. From acquisitions and divestments, to leasing, to real estate finance, we are able to handle the full spectrum of real estate transactions for our clients.